5 Film Projects That Will Change How You See The World

Crowd funded film projects come in all shapes & sizes. From big budget with celebrity backing to creative indies doing things differently crowd funding has been able to see an explosion of creativity weaning film making off big studio funding.

Projects based around causes and campaigning can find it hard to find traditional sources of funding which has led to some great projects looking to crowd source their funding.
Here is a list of 5 documentaries looking to change the way you see the world, which we think you’ll love.
Following the moving stories of transgender communities in India, from acceptance in the 1800s to persecution during modern times, Transindia hopes to shed some light on a part of Indian culture rarely talked about.
Looking for a modest budget of just £5000 the projects offering rewards ranging from postcards and downloads to personalised videos and credits. With just over 40 days left of the campaign (from the time this was posted) your support would go a long way.
In the film-makers words:  
“My Documentary aims to capture a positive exploration on their lives, culture, beliefs and most importantly their unity. Why have they become ostracised? What do they do for a living? I want to find the answers to these several questions, seeking the ultimate truth.
“Transindia aims to capture their spark of unity and a sense of confidence in their sexuality. Subjectively exploring their identity, culture and truly seeing them as people – to not only observe but to absorb.”
This projects seeks to change the conversation around addiction, letting you see it through the life and experience of Matt Edwards thanks to the journals he left behind.
This is a bold and refreshing take on an international debate around substance use, and is set to be a powerful documentary look at the topic. With filming already complete then the risk in backing is greatly reduced, as funding is going only on post production.
In the film-makers own words:

Without your help it WON’T GET MADE.  Become part of the SOLUTION!

This film will take you inside the specter of addiction like nothing else you have ever seen.  There is no stopping the freight train of opiates without understanding how it is to not be able to live without them.



Video Trailer: http://vimeo.com/72342068

In the wake of natural disasters the eyes of the world tends to fall on the scenes of destruction. But after the last journalist leaves the job of rebuilding begins. Ten years later this film-maker is looking to return to Sri Lanka hand hear the stories directly from those impacted by this disaster.

This could be a really important piece of film showing people the impact of the support they give when disaster strikes, ensuring that people remember lives remain changed after you stop hearing about it.


In the film-makers own words:

A story of the incredible resilience of the Sri Lankan people, how their lives were  irreversibly changed by the devastating tsunami, and how it shaped their realities, hopes and aspirations – borne from the personal experience of the producer and director who survived and witnessed the tsunami.




With homelessness on the rise this documentary comes at a really important time for greater understanding on the topic. This documentary will cut through the myths and assumptions around the homeless in the UK and is looking to show you a story through the eyes of those directly effected.

The project is being driven by a young & driven team which would lead to this being a really exciting and meaningful project to back and follow.


In the film-makers own words:

We are a group of debuting filmmakers, looking to create film which is honest, insightful and cinematic. We have found a personal story that we feel needs to be told as it represents the growing issue of homelessness in the UK. HALF WAY tells the story of a family displaced.



[youtube dxyrumHE8E0 w=500 h=281]


This film explores our relationship with nature through the 60,000 year story of man’s live with sea turtles. The project is a great match for someone interested in the sea & sea life who has the chance to follow & support the post production for this really unique take on the topic.

With filming complete, and an experienced director leading the project, and half the funding already reached, this would be a really solid project to back if the topic suits.


In the film-makers own words:

Mariner tells the story of an iconic creature, the sea turtle, that has been the centrepiece for thousands of cultures, serving as the heart of creation, as a deity, as a trickster and much more.  What better way to tell the story of man’s connection to nature and the ocean than sea turtles, given our long-time fascination with them.

With Mariner, I hope to explore the amazing world of turtles and man through thousands of years and how our futures our intertwined.


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