Which Site: Kick Starting the blog

WIth so many websites out there full of projects and campaigns for funding I thought it would be worth writing a series on which sites are out there, and what makes them great.

The first set of sites to look at are reward based. These work by asking you to make a pledge for your chosen project. The higher the pledge, the better the reward.

To Kick things off I take a little look at the big one:

Kickstarter BannerKickstarter

Kickstarter is to crowdfunding what Google is to, well, using the internet. Kick starting has now become a verb, and its not really any surprise. Started over 5 years ago people have spent a reported $1billion on over 135,000 projects in that time.

I’ve always found Kickstarter to be easy to use, and with the staff picks you can easily while away the hours watching videos and browsing the projects which most interest you.

Its an all or nothing site, but people have generally found that once a project hits the majic 2/3rd funding before the last few days its got a great chance of being funded.

Notable Projects:

Pebble eWatch – One of the most funded projects of all time (£10million raised!) the Pebble was a great design, a new idea, and a slick campaign page.

Canary in a Coal Mine – Combining a compelling story with a strong call to action Canary managed to tap into a world wide communtiy to receive over 4 times its funding target.

Reading Rainbow – Providing a nostalgic feel coupled with a brilliant educational project, (and a bit of star appeal) reading rainbow engaged with over 100,000 people in their campaign for funds.

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